Our Service


​The Rehabilitation Centre offers an extensive range of services to help patients with disabilities or injuries recover to a desired level of functioning in work, self-care, play or leisure.

Together with our trained physiotherapists and staff, we help your loved ones improve mobility and well-being through exercise, physiotherapy and the use of a comprehensive range of equipment available at our Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Centres.

Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy services may be suitable for you or your loved one if:

  • You have had a stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s disease or Dementia
  • Change feeding tubeYou just had surgery which affects your movement and muscle strengths male and female urinary catheters
  • You suffer from pain in the neck, back, shoulder or knees
  • You want to start being more active
  • You have a fear of falling, or had previous falls
  • You have difficulties with daily activities of living such as carrying groceries, moving about the house, bathing and doing chores

Undergo Day Rehabilitation at our 21 Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Centres.

Alternatively, opt for our tele-rehab service to work at their rehabilitation goals from wherever they are! Save on travelling time and attend tele-rehab with our therapists over a video call. All you will need is internet connection and a smartphone, laptop or tablet.